Hi there!

You've reached here to get to know us better and we're absolutely thrilled to have your interest. 

We're Vasu and Sandhya, two self-taught artists, who have been passionate about art ever since our first scribble. A lot of our inspiration is derived from our childhood when life was filled with cartoons and colouring books. Ever since, it has been our dream to start a brand which reflects the quirkiest representations of our imagination which would make you smile. Hence, Artagasm.

What's with the name?! It's not Art+Orgasm=Artgasm (That's just too plain right?). It's Art+Attagasam+Orgasm=ARTAGASM. "Attagasam" is a Tamil word which means awesome =) and that's what art means to us, it's awesome! And yes, from the name you can tell that we are based out of Chennai.

Our products include illustrated T-Shirts, stationery, collectibles, handmade art, etc, etc.. (is what you'd think! But nope!). We don't have 99,999,999 products to choose from (as if decision making isn't hard enough!). We believe in simple presentation of carefully curated products which would be exclusively be available at our online store.

In addition to this, we also have various services available such as personalised caricatures, illustrations, invites and more.

We hope you enjoy your experience with us and keep coming back!