A Drop Of Inspiration In An Ocean of Passion

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A Drop Of Inspiration In An Ocean of Passion

“Follow your passion” is a phrase said more often than done. And when it’s art, it makes it all the more challenging. We are all passionate. About various things. But the most shared passion, (making money of course!), often steers us away from what we really want to do. A society where normality is exercised & stability is esteemed, willingly stepping into a path of questionable consistency is difficult. Yet, all it takes is a drop of inspiration!

This is the story of how our passion inspired us to create Artagasm. There are many turning points in our life & the crucial one being what we do after graduation. While some choose to study further & some choose to get married, most of us choose our careers. And that’s exactly what Vasu & I did. 

On completing his B.Com & CA exams, Vasu realised it was not his cup of tea. There was always the question of “What am I going to do with my life now?”. "Cartoonist!" - that sounded nice and cool.  On the other hand, I had quite the journey before ending up here. Halfway through my engineering in Biotech was when I realised it was just not feasible. I would definitely call science my first “Love failure”. I went on to start off a small art based request platform on Facebook, “Chroma", which was the first step towards Artagasm in a sense, because that's when we discussed on working together on something. Of course, I had absolutely no experience, so I had to close the doors on Chroma & move on to a “real job”.

Towards the end of both our previous jobs was when we started ideating. Our inspiration simply came from each other & our mutual respect for art & artists. We wanted to create a platform to present artworks in simple & fun ways. We said to ourselves, “We’ll never do this later, so get a notebook & start writing”. I said, “Okay here’s what we’re going to do. We alternate on writing what we should name our store until we find something perfect”. We wrote 12 names & it came down to the 13th name which we both liked, “Artrocity”. A few days went by & then we realised, hey, this doesn’t relate to us. We wanted something more native and unique. That’s when Vasu suggested Art+Attagasam = Artagasam which we styled to Artagasm!

Our story then had quite a few twists & turns after. Keep reading our blog to know more :)


Sandhya Ganesh




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