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“Here today, gone tomorrow” Well we’re definitely here to stay but not always as a physical space. We launched Artagasm as a pop-up shop in Chennai on the 10th September 2017 following which we participated in many pop ups. For some of you who are new to this term, a pop-up shop is a temporary retail event through which people get to see your products in a physical space. It has definitely been a great experience for us and has opened up quite a few avenues for us to connect with our potential customers. Pop-up events are becoming quite popular...

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“Follow your passion” is a phrase said more often than done. And when it’s art, it makes it all the more challenging. We are all passionate. About various things. But the most shared passion, (making money of course!), often steers us away from what we really want to do. A society where normality is exercised & stability is esteemed, willingly stepping into a path of questionable consistency is difficult. Yet, all it takes is a drop of inspiration! This is the story of how our passion inspired us to create Artagasm. There are many turning points in our life &...

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